Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Reading 2011

At the Selden Public Library Summer Reading Program on June 13, the lesson for the "One World, Many Stories" was on Africa and the jungle. After reading a theme-related story, the older readers painted jungle scenes on the windows next to the library.

These are the windows they painted. They look great!

The younger readers participated in games and activities inside the library.

The kids did a wonderful job working together to design and create their jungle scenes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden City Trip

Following our progam at the zoo, we swam at the big pool. After some ice cream and a drive through a downpour rain storm, one of our vehicles stopped in Oakley at the bullalo sculpture before returning home. We had a great day!

Pictures from the Garden City Zoo Program

Tara from the zoo gave us a program onAmphibians in the afternoon. We were able to feel a beaver pelt and pet a toad and a lizard. Thanks Tara!

Garden City Zoo

We took a group of nine to the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City. We visited the zoo, the park, and the swimming pool during our trip.

The park provided some fun photos!

The snakes were an interesting exhibit!

We paused to rest in the heat and watch the lions.

July 5 Session

During our July 5 session we machine-embroidered our names on beach towels that the readers could use when we visited the zoo and swimming pool on July 19th.

Monday, July 5, 2010


This week I read How I survived being a girl and my sister is a sausage roll. How I survived being a girl is about a girl how wishes she was a boy, because she has 2 brothers who will not play with her. My sister is a sausage roll is about a girl whos dad has been gone for 1 year and her mom had a baby while her dad was gone and she told her sister about their dad.


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